How to use your Xbox controller on PC

Often, gamers pay enough attention not only to the games themselves but also to their technical equipment. And we are talking not only about iron but also about the periphery. So, in this article, we will analyze the basic principles of using an Xbox controller.

Xbox controller for PC

Modern multi-platform games released both on consoles and on a computer have long been optimized for gamepad control. It is convenient, practical, and interesting. Therefore, a lot of PC players prefer, for example, to buy an Xbox 360 gamepad.

It’s perfect for platformers, fighting games, action games, third-person shooters, and more. Moreover, you can purchase a wireless controller, which will allow you to play not only on the PC but also on the TV connected to the PC. There is only one question left to solve: how to connect the controller?

Benefits of playing on an Xbox 360 controller

But first, let’s briefly talk about why you should choose this particular controller. It was also used on the console of the same name. And the Xbox and Windows operating systems, which is the main platform for PC gaming, are the brainchild of Microsoft. This ensures full interaction at all levels: software, functional, construction. What does this mean? Having decided to connect the gamepad to the computer, you just need to carry out several manipulations once and install the drivers. Then, when turned on, the joystick will automatically connect. In all modern games, when using a controller, the controls and button layouts automatically change – you don’t even need to go into settings. In addition, vibration is supported. All this makes the gamepad convenient and practical in games of any genre.

How to connect?

If you need to connect your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to your PC, you will also need another device – a receiver. It plugs into the computer’s USB port and provides a connection to the controller. If you have a Microsoft Xbox One Controller and a Wireless Adapter, you can use this setup guide:

  • Installing drivers from the official Microsoft website.
  • Connecting the receiver (if you are using an unofficial device, you will need to find it in the manager and manually additionally install standard drivers for the Xbox).
  • Synchronization of the gamepad with the receiver (for this you need to press a special button on the gadget and joystick, after waiting for the connection).
  • Your Xbox 360 controller will now automatically connect to your PC every time you turn it on. It is enough to press the central large button. Moreover, if you press it in the on position, then a small window will appear on the screen showing the battery level.

Besides, the Xbox wireless adapter supports simultaneous connection of eight gamepads, or four gamepads and four headsets, or two gamepads and two stereo headsets.


All the necessary drivers (if we are talking about Windows 10) are installed on the gamepad and adapter automatically, no additional gestures are required. The only thing to watch out for is the relevance of the Windows 10 version on your PC. However, there are situations when the driver still needs to be downloaded manually. All drivers are easily searched for in the Windows Update directory:

  • Wireless adapter (old);
  • Wireless adapter (new);
  • Driver for Windows 7 and 8.
  • and slipped through the device manager.